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Archived posts from when I started the site last beginning of last year. There is some interesting content there that would help explain my why my current position stock wise it where its at today. It also highlights what influences some of my choices.

The following are old post from last year.

Current Market Climate Sun May 6, 2015 3 :38 PM

Currently stocks are struggling to maintain high levels because of a mixed bag of economic data. Job numbers are down and there are growing concerns about the future growth of The America Economy. This is prompting some investors to sell off some of their equities. Additionally the chairwomen of the FED Janet Yellen expressed some concerns which I interpret as she expect some sort of correction in the near future. Oil is on recover and I expect it to rise but not drastically. And nowhere near 75, 80 or 100 dollars are barrel. Oil is one of those factors that tend to float all boats so I suspect that there will a bit of a rally after investors shake off these jitters from the economic data. My strategy will remain the same despite many of these events. This is because I believe in the long term economic future of America. I am young enough to hold out and see what happens. If there is a market correction at some point in the near future I think it will be a small one. This could lead to a small market correction considering the current climate. I will buy on the dip and keep it moving.

Earnings Season Sun Apr 26, 2015 10 :38 AM

On the 22nd of April, Facebook released its quarterly earnings report. Which can be accessed at This is earnings season and many other publicly traded firms are releasing there reports, but I decided to write about Facebook because out of all my US equalities, It happens to be the one that I am most excited about. This quarters earnings were equally exciting. Revenue rose 42%. Also consider the current deflation climate of the US dollars as well that is effecting all US equities. Facebook is also spending more money as well. Most analyst have a target price of 80 – 105. Friday, the 24th it closed at 81.53. When it opened the 23rd after earnings, it shot up around 85, and there was a large sell off, on a lot of volume afterwards. Facebook is still a buy for me and it is grossly undervalued. firms are going to be spending more and more money over the course of time on advertising to people via the Internet. Most people I know, don’t listen to radio or have cable. They use some sort of streaming music, and have Netflix or Hulu. The trending is going to continue and grow. Facebook has been positioning itself to continue to grow, for example, going after market share of it competitors, such as Google. Hence, the 83% increase in spending in a year, done by Facebook. Facebook Video, is their push to take market share from Youtube. I think it will work. Google tried the same thing in reverse when they did the whole Google Plus thing, which I don’t know a single person who uses it. As many already know Facebook also owns Instagram, Whatsup App, and what always has been the most exciting acquisition , Oculus. Now its not like they have some monopoly on VR and VR is new. Microsoft, and Playstation have invested considerably in these technologies. Microsoft has the HoloLenz. Playstation has project Morpheus. VR is old tech, I’m one of the few people who had a Nintendo VirtualBoy as a Kid. (Yeah I was spoiled lol) To me it was awesome, but somethings are just before its time. Timing is everything in the tech world. In 2004, Microsoft released the SPOT watch, which was a small wearable embedded devices, which also functioned as a watch. Not too many people really remember, and it didn’t take off like they though it would. But now about 10 years later. The Apple Watch sold out in 6 hours. The watch has a price point from 350 – 17,000 dollars. 20 years after the release of the Virtual Boy in 1995, VR is back, and the timing is perfect. Facebook has already 1.4 Billions active users. Facebook also is very good at monetizing its acquisitions. I wouldn’t be surprised if they release something by the end of the year. Augmented and Virtual Reality will change e-commerce, social media and the way we interact with one another. As usual, it takes a little while for advertisers to shift. Advertising is already shifting from radio and television to streaming media and social media. As that happens there will be another shift from that to Virtual and Augmented Reality. Facebook is at the cutting edge and will be the benefactor of these transitions. Although it will be volatile in the next couple Quarters, Facebook is still a buy. It is also a stock I will not short like many did this past week. I will buy on the dips and hold out for the long haul.

The Oil Trade March 17, 2015

Oil nothing moves without it. Around the second quarter of last year 2014 Oil has been taking a massive hit. Ironically enough that around the time the Rockefeller divested from oil. After making billions for around 100 years. I guess maybe they could see the writing on the wall. Factors such as the North American Shale Oil boom, and the continued export rates of OPEC on its current level, and the strengthening of the American Dollar has made the price of crude oil to become very volatile. There are three camps on what will happen next. There are some people who think oil will bounce back up as quickly as it crashed. There are some who believe it will continue to crash. Lastly there are investors who believe it will hover around the current price for quite some time. You can classify me in the last category. I’m currently not directly invested in oil. Although I was shorting WTI and made a little bit, it was much too volatile for my liking. I think there is still a down side to this oil market and I’m just going to play the side line and observe for now. Consider how high the market has fall from there are is large potential for profit, but for me personally its just too much risk to trade this short term looking for the bottom of the market. Long term wise, I think it would be a good move for someone who is going to go long for 5 -10 years.

1.35 Billion Likes! March 3, 2015

Being an avid Facebook user. I was delighted with the opportunity to visit Facebook campus in Menlo Park, CA. They are located in the old Sun Micro System building. It’s kind of funny because they keep the old signs around all the campus because it reminds them that even a large dominate company can fade away to obscurity. I was able to see the Instagram office as well. The Oculus area was off limits much to my dismay. I witnessed a culture of innovation and free thinking that impressed me. I began investing in Facebook around the mid 2014 so the experience for an investors to see the interworking’s of employees and things of that nature is always great research. Facebook generates the majority of it profits from the information collected from its users and from ad agencies. The ad agencies have been favoring Facebook more and more lately because they see how powerful of a tool it can be to direct market to their target consumers. Facebook today has 1,350,000,000 active monthly users. This is growing every day and I don’t see it slowing down anytime so. With the increase in popularity of both virtual reality and augmented reality, Facebook will be on the front line to new and innovating forms of marketing. Facebook is up YTD 18 percent. I think once advertisers and the bulk of older investors began to become more comfortable with Facebook this will continue to rise once this trend is reflected into quarterly reports. Facebook in my opinion is undervalued I see it at 85 or 90 a share by the end of the year. For me it is still a BUY. Long term I like it as well, it’s not something that I’m going to short. With the launch of Microsoft HoloLens Initiative, this is just a preview of what’s going to be on the cutting edge of innovation. And just like people couldn’t see the magnitude of the use of smart phones, it will be that same with augmented reality.

One Million Percent March 3, 2015

If you aren’t investing you money, you have to ask yourself why? There are few legitimate reason why you shouldn’t be investing. The biggest one being massive debt with high interest rates. If the interest rates are in the double or triple digits, pay that down ASAP. Mortgage debt especially now with rates so low, you should be investing, definitely if your benefiting from that tax credits from being a homeowner, invest the money you get back from that. I have conservative expectations from my portfolios. I expect around 10% APY although I have done way better than that, it keeps the greed in check(lol). Ultimately, I’m a patriot. I believe in Americas finance system and views are very stable over the course of the long term. Warren Buffet over the past 50 years has a calculated Yield of over 1,000,000% . that is through many finance problems that have occurred in the past 50 years. Saving and Loans scandal, Dot-com crash, sub-prime mortgage crisis …everything. 1million percent. When you consider how low the APYs are for savings accounts and CDs. The market is such a better option.

All Hail The Queen! February 25, 2015

America is a democratic-republic, we have 3 branches of government with The President being the Commander and Chief as we all know. But if America was to ever become a monarchy, surely Janet Yellen would be its Queen. That isn’t to say anything but the fact that she is arguable, the most powerful person in the free would. Janet Yellen is the chair of the Federal Reserve. They control the money supply. The Federal Reserve isn’t any more federal than federal express. It is not part of our government it is a banking organization. Yesterday she spoke around 10am to the senate banking committee. This is one of those scheduled events on monetary policy that I said I follow and pay attention to like an investors. Yesterday she spoke about the current state of the labor market. She stated policymakers will raise interest rates when they are “reasonably confident” inflation will pick up toward the Fed’s annual 2% goal. The US Dollar has been deflating lately. Which means they’re probably going to be rising rates soon, but not until the end of the 3rd quarter, sometime this year. But she wasn’t really clear on exactly when the rates would be raised. These rates already at historic lows. The unemployment rate has been constantly falling since 2009 from its 10% highs to its current 5.7% low. So essentially, she isn’t going to do anything too sudden that will damage the constant rate of recovery that has been occurring. Investors seem to like her approach because the DOW was up almost 100 points yesterday. This is an excellent time to get into the market if you have not already. Blue Chip are mostly still going to rally.

SWOOSH! February 24, 2015

I have a few favorite stock picks. The ones that usually have the same criteria. They are typically have steady growth, and are not volatile and a product that I use a lot or favor. Although I have done well with some of my other pick, there is one that I favor over all. That is Nike’s stock. First of all if you look at the ten year chart the returns are over 300%, the 5 year is 150% this also doesn’t take in account the dividend yield. I also consider Nike very innovative a reverent. With apple push for Health apps and the recent trend in technology considering wearable devices, Nike will benefit handsomely for their current involvement and investment in these trending areas. Additional Nike has already shown promise in the 3D printing of some of it product line. I do own some under armor which has made a significant presence in the market. I prefer a lot of Nike’s merchandise over under armor. Also Under armor has not dividend yield. Like is stated earlier I have made more money with some other stocks such as my apple equities but, the beginning of last year was extremely volatile to say the least with apple. I am glad I held on but Nike has been consistent. I value consistency the most. My trading style has never been buy and selling daily or even weekly like a mad man. Nike is where I have felt the securest. I am a big advocate in investing in companies of which utilize and believe in their product. Nike is no exception. I kind of a sneaker head, so investing in Nike was a natural fit.

LIFT OFF! February 23, 2015

So, today is the big launch day for my person blog. On this blog I will discuss mainly US Equities. But I will also get into some of my many other interest. This will include but is not limited to computer programming, new and emerging technologies, video games, mainly on the PS4 platform, Running, I am a avid runner and I typically use the Nikeplus running app. I will also discuss some of my trading techniques. There are methods that have become successful for me and methods that cost me money. I want people to learn from my gains and losses. A lot of my friends have reached out to me and are always asking me what stocks should they get into? When should they get in the market? How factors such as recent Brent crude prices effect my trades and things of the nature. My site is not design to guarantee anyone returns. No one can guarantee anyone returns. I also avoid penny stocks at any and all cost. But my trades reflect more about long term investments. That is because time is by greatest resources as a young investor. I don’t frantically trade daily or even weekly, but I do watch my holdings daily and read news that effect my holding. I also analyze market trends. I take a close look at competitors and industry leaders. Most of my holdings are tech stocks, that is because I am a technique person. And Those are my interest. I am a programmer. My background is also Database, Applied security. Finally, I plan to comment on a lot events that happen in the market that are schedule, meaning unemployment rate, number of jobs increase. GDP, monetary practices by the federal reserve and quarterly reports. I hope that this website helps other benefit from the market in the same way that I have. If any of my readers have any question or concerns, please email me, to address subject matter that I haven’t covered. Like I stated earlier, My disclaim is follow my movements and my advice at your own risk, do your own fact checking as well. There is always risk when concerning any investments, so you can lose money. A lot more to follow soon.

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