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Play for keeps

to do things with permanent effect; to be serious in one’s actions. (From the game of marbles, where the winner actually keeps all the marbles won.) Are we playing for keeps or can we give everything back at the end of the game? We are playing for keeps, so be careful of what you do.

Citation McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

“Always play for keeps” is something I typically say that highlights the philosophy of paying yourself first. It also stresses that you have to take financial matters seriously and think long term. This is the cornerstone of my approach to investing.   Putting at least 10 percent of ones pay aside to invest into something at some future date is critical. Not only save but save with a purpose. As well as tackling debt. This site is my investment blog. I talk about different subjects that are related to my finical interest.

What this site is

My investment strategy is typically long term, this is because I am young and believe I can weather hiccups in the market. I lean towards tech stocks because I understand the technology. I tend to go after stocks with lower p/e and that I think are currently undervalued. And when the market is down like It was in Q1 FY2016, I double down on whichever one shows the most promise. In other words,  buying new equalities for firms that are on “sale”. I also diversify my portfolio by buying high performing ETFs and Mutual Funds that gives me expose to different asset classes such as  different bond types, emerging markets, small cap ect.  So this is basically how I manage my portfolio.

  • Long term investments (10 years)
  • Tech Sector
  • Buying while on sale
  • Diversification via ETFs and Mutual Funds
  • Quantitative Analysis of Reports
  • Leveraging the Value Line Summary

I also talk about things that will be totally off topic. Like dare I say… politics or other hobbies of mine.  Occasionally, I will post picture of vacations I go on because I love traveling. There will also be times where I will blog about a question that someone has asked me to cover. Which is pretty common. This stuff isn’t hard, it just takes a bit of research.

What this site isn’t.

It seems like people always want to email me or talk to me about penny stocks. I personally avoid these like the plague. Its too risky for me and many of them are scams that leave the average investor holding the bag. I don’t give out advise on what an investor should do. I am simply chronicling what I’m doing. Follow what I’m doing at your own risk. Like any investment one can lose money. I don’t day trade, I don’t do anything that I consider short term. I have seen a lot of people lose a lot of money that way. Plus the tax bite is awful.  I also don’t make trades that are based on what’s trending in the news. By the time its on the news, I consider the ship sailed, and It also cultivates short term thinking.

  • No penny stocks
  • I’m NOT telling you what to trade
  • Not short term or day trading
  • I don’t trade on trending news (unless layoffs lol)

That wraps up the overview of this site and its purpose. Now that you are informed on what this site is and isn’t, I look forward to your comments and questions about my approach towards investing and helping out when I can.